What we do

Power solutions with a clean design


Clean Electric has specific knowledge and expertise in engineering, software, consulting and technical services for power systems in the onshore, offshore and marine industries. 


Clean design - integrated solutions through innovation and technology





Clean Electric is dedicated to pioneering the next generation of innovative energy solutions for high-demand power consumers across onshore, offshore, and marine industries. Our primary focus revolves around the creation of sustainable designs.




Our energy systems encompass comprehensive packages featuring an array of products, including switchboards, drives, batteries, energy management systems, and remote operation capabilities. We offer complete packages that include software, engineering, and commissioning services. Additionally, we act as consultants for electrical companies seeking to develop these products independently.




Clean Electric has specialized expertise in commissioning, engineering, software development, consulting, and technical services tailored for power systems within onshore, offshore, and marine domains. Our designs outshine industry standards by offering enhanced compactness, innovation, and user-friendliness.




Through close collaboration and consultation with our clients right from the initial design phase, we craft smarter and more compact energy solutions. We adopt a holistic approach, considering the complete system philosophy for your specific vessel or on/offshore power systems.

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